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#SolutionsWatch isn't just about the Big Ideas. It's also about the simple tricks, tips and techniques that we can use to regain power over our lives and help create the world we want. Today, James explores one very simple and tragically under-ap

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Ken Keiter -

In this video, I do a full, destructive teardown and light analysis of Dishy - the Starlink User Terminal (dish). This is the first full teardown, so I'm really pleased that I get to be the first to share this with the world. Huge kudos to the Star

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Rob Braxman Tech -

This is a primer on TOR and VPN. We will be answering these questions: What is a VPN/TOR for? What is a VPN? What is a TOR Browser? What is a TOR Router? What is a VPN Router? Do you always need to be on the VPN? Can you layer VPN,TOR services togeth

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#Alternatives (assistants, backups, browsers, cloud alternatives, email, file transfer, find lost device, google playstore alternatives, keyboards, maps, messaging apps, music players, note apps, office suites, search engines, tasker, translating app

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