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Starlink Teardown: DISHY DESTROYED!

• Ken Keiter -

In this video, I do a full, destructive teardown and light analysis of Dishy – the Starlink User Terminal (dish). This is the first full teardown, so I'm really pleased that I get to be the first to share this with the world. Huge kudos to the Starlink team – this is incredible work, and it must feel great to know that users are finally getting their hands on it.

This video was shot/edited quickly, so please forgive the quality. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter – I'm @kenkeiter.

STARLINK/SPACEX TEAM: If you have any concerns – including about the way I'm portraying your hardware, or incorrect details – please feel free to reach out to me directly! I have nothing but respect for the work you've done here. Leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Also: I'm sorry for the massacre here – I didn't have the right tools to do this teardown as cleanly as I wanted to, and a piece of technology this nice deserves better treatment.