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It used to be you eventually paid off your car and stopped paying for it once you did. Well, at least insofar as regards paying the company you bought it from.

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Amazing comments on my recent videos where invented risks are stated about apps like TikTok. There are enough dangers in social media, but we don't need to invent fake arguments. Let the technical facts speak for themselves. Some of the purported abi

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The US Senate is considering a bill to ban TikTok. Introduced by Sen Hawley, the reason for the ban is the perceived threat to national security. There is a related law being considered which is the RESTRICT Act and was introduced by Sen Mark Warner.

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Why expose your data to third parties? You can access your data at home and over the Internet with an easy to set up solution that requires no networking skills and limitless drive space. And with no subscription to a cloud provider. Set up a Private

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Before AI could duplicate a human voice, it was thought the voice prints were unique. Well, they are unique but can be "forged" by new AI software to the extent that it sounds just like you. Even banks can be fooled. There is demonstrable need fo