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Let's do a deep dive on the elements of Windows 11 that impact on privacy. We'll discuss Microsoft ID, Location, OneDrive, Online Speech Recognition, Telemetry, App Security. How does Windows 11 stack up? Is it better than MacOS privacy wise? How ab

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Odysee - Freos - Bob Stanley

What does Decentralized Technology really mean and what implications does it have on the crypto currency industry and the broader cryptoverse? How will this technology free us from the debt slavery system they have build?

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6G will be 50 times faster than 5G and will enable the Metaverse where everything will be digitalized. Holograms, AI and virtual reality will be commonplace if not required for modern life in the real world. ? TN Editor

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Understand how Voice over IP (VOIP) Works, both as appliances, software, and as Apps. Learn about the distinction between Encrypted VOIP and regular VOIP. Find out which VOIP options are safer.