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New Atlas - Paul Ridden

There's no denying that hauling a folding ebike on public transport is a much easier proposition than traveling with a full-sized model. The latest fold-down offering from China's Fiido boasts up to 130 km of range, torque sensing, an adjustable seat

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Want to contribute to a project to protect Creative Content from censorship, while simultaneously lowering storage costs and having performance scale with traffic? You can help by creating custom software to run on the Pirate Box.

Article Image by Chris McCann

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is redefining the future of finance. There is a major shift going on in the underlying infrastructure powering financial applications, and it's changing the way we think about permission and control, transparency and ri

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Loredana Cirstea -

In honor of those who put their freedom at stake, in honor of those who have the courage to see and stand up against injustice when very few do, I am creating a whistleblower decentralized application.

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Introducing Ambassador : the highest quality translation tool out there for professionals from all backgrounds. From training to travel, groups to solo, the Ambassador allows you to have smooth conversations free from the constraints of language barr

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The Sequel is out– Absolute Interference is the followup to the Absolute Proof video is out. There's new information in here, more details, cross checks, and missing pieces. The vote rigging appears to have happened across every state and county.