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Twitter has produced a hot new trend: real-time search. There is hardly a day that goes by within the Internet industry that real-time search is not mentioned. To feed this new hunger for real-time information, real-time search engines such as Twitter Search,  Scoopler, Collecta, Topsy, CrowdEye, and more are popping up all around.

Unlike the traditional search engines, these real-time search engines return the most current information from the Web in the form of blog content and comments, Twitter messages, images and video, social services, news sources, and more.

Why does our society crave this continuous stream of information? Collecta CEO Gerry Campbell told WebProNews that this need to publish and consume information actually goes back to ancient times.

“If you go back all the way to the progression of cave paintings through monks copying Bibles to Gutenberg’s press, we’ve seen an acceleration in the ability to publish information. In addi

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Matt Sharp

    If you were as excited as me about the opening of the new Wet N' Wild waterpark in Phoenix you may already have your season pass, or plan on getting one soon. You may know that they invested 30 million into the new slides and infrastructure, but what you don't know may cause you some concern.

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Yahoo Tech News

Scott Painter makes his living betting on startup companies, having played a role in launching 29 of them over the years. But with the bad economy choking initial public offerings and acquisitions, Painter is now backing an idea that makes it easier for insiders like him to sell shares in their companies even before they go public.

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Cyber criminals are setting snares that move at the speed of news. Savvy cyber criminals are taking advantage of our increasing reliance on computers and the Internet. Panda Security, a Spain-based antivirus maker, has been monitoring an onslaught of links with malicious software, or "malware," on Twitter that tag hot topics such as the Air France crash, the NBA finals, "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert and the new iPhone."Cyber criminals have been targeting Twitter users by creating thousands of messages (tweets) embedded with words involving trending topics and malicious URLs," Sean-Paul Correll, a threat researcher for Panda Labs, wrote recently on a blog for the company.....

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The emails carry the subject line “Your friend invited you to twitter!”, while the sender’s address is spoofed as “”. Unlike a typical Twitter invite, however, the email contains no invitation link: instead it carries the attached file Invitation, tempting the receiver to download it. The attachment, of course, contains W32.Ackantta.B@mm – a nasty, email address-harvesting worm.