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Article Image, By Christina Bonnington

When it arrives on handsets and tablets this fall, iOS 6 won’t just be a simple operating system update — it will be Apple’s interpretation of exactly how a modern mobile OS should perform.

Article Image, By Caleb Garling

Red Hat has moved to ease fears that the new secure boot mechanism included in Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system will make it overly difficult to also install Linux on Windows 8 machines.

Article Image, byUniversity College London

The first purely silicon oxide-based 'Resistive RAM' memory chip that can operate in ambient conditions – opening up the possibility of new super-fast memory - has been developed by researchers at UCL.

Article Image, Mike Barton

While there’s lots of buzz still about the potential disruptive nature of software-defined networking (SDN), other than for big players like Google, the cloud-friendly technology has not been something everyday companies can order up.

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