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WAR: About that War

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After a Ukrainian S-300 missile struck Polish territory - killing two civilians - the Ukrainian president immediately claimed that Russia attacked a NATO member country and that NATO must act without hesitation against Russia. In other words, launch

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The Pentagon has appointed a Lt. General (3 stars) Terry Wolff to head a new Army headquarters in Germany with a staff of 300 US military members to coordinate security assistance for Ukraine.

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War criminal George W Bush and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will be appearing at an event next week at the George W. Bush Presidential Center, in partnership with US government-funded narrative management operations Freedom House and Nation

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What is wrong with the United States of America?

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American soldiers are now in Ukraine. Allegedly, they are there only to monitor what is happening to the arms deliveries from the US and NATO countries.

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Most of us have recognized the rabid warmongering that's been going on for decades from the neocon side of the Republican aisle. I'm talking about war-drunk international criminals such as George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and his daughter, Liz, Lindse

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"The Western goal is to weaken, divide and ultimately destroy our nation. They are openly stating that, since they managed to break up the Soviet Union in 1991, now it's time to split Russia into many separate regions that will be at each other

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Speaking on Oct. 27 at the Valdai International Discussion Club, Russian President Vladimir Putin questioned the sanity of those who would "spoil relations with China at the same time they are supplying billions-worth of weapons to Ukraine in a fight