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Dan Bongino - Bongino.Com

In this episode, I address the disgusting impeachment disaster on the House floor today. I also address the troubling comments on tv last night by this key Spygate player.

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Next year, the number of Venezuelans fleeing their country will overtake the Syrian exodus. To date, more than 4 million have left. One-third of these refugees and migrants are sheltering in Colombia, which has maintained a very generous open-door po

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In Sweden the rape of white Swedish women by black immigrant-invaders never stops. In the latest outrage four black Eritreans forced a 13 year old Swedish girl into a bathroom and took turns raping her while filming the gang rape.

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The Lord's Prayer exhorts, "Lead us not into temptation." Yet, that is precisely what certain government programs do -- programs that are ardently supported by many American Christians.

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Italy's new government, which has pledged to reverse former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini's hardline approach to migration policy, appears to have triggered a new wave of mass migration from northern Africa.