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New Jersey

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Last year, New York lawmakers passed a bill ending all non-medical exemptions and religious exemptions to immunization after a measles outbreak, and New Jersey was set to follow by mandating students at any public or private school receive vaccines.

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Angry parents turned the tide on mandated vaccines in New Jersey by forcing the State Senate to leave religious exemptions in place. This is a major victory over Technocrats who claim that the science on vaccines is settled, and citizens are pushing

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The state of New Jersey's Bureau of Securities and the Attorney General has issued a cease and desist order to a digital currency investment fund called 'Bitstrade' this week. According to the state's Attorney General's office, the cryptocu

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I won't pretend that I particularly enjoy impromptu religious sermons in public places. But regardless of my personal feelings, I believe people have the right to free expression, including religion and speech.

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