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Just days after the State Department announced that the U.S. would no longer recognize the South China Sea as Chinese territory, and one day after the president signed an executive order on Tuesday that would hold China accountable for its oppressive

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Beijing has expressed intense displeasure over President Trump's decision to sign into law a bill targeting senior CCP figures involved with China's network of concentration camps, even though the White House ultimately held off on putting the sancti

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Though largely off the mainstream media's radar amid all things pandemic related, we've been closely following the saga of Iran's provocatively sending five fuel-laden tankers to gasoline-starved Venezuela, despite repeat and growing threats of US in

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The Commerce Department's decision to tighten restrictions on Huawei announced a few days ago are already throwing a wrench in Huawei's supply chain, a sign that the US is no longer playing around, and is going all-in on bringing the Chinese telecom

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The Kremlin held a winning hand in oil negotiations and did not play it. Washington and Saudi Arabia desperately needed Russian agreement to their plan to raise the price of oil by cutting production and reducing the supply of oil.