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On Sunday Syria's Prime Minister Hussein Arnous announced that in total seven Iranian oil tankers have been intercepted en route to the country while they were in the Red Sea to date. This includes two which he said were the latest to be detained.

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A January 3 op-ed in the Los Angeles Times advocates that the Biden administration partially lift U.S. government sanctions on Iran to enable Iran to buy Covid vaccines.

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The disastrous August 4 explosion of an ammonium nitrate shipment in Beirut brought Lebanon's political and economic turmoil to the fore in US media, with reports that it's likely "the blast will make the spiraling economic situation worse" (

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The bullet holes were what stuck with me. I visited the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina during the summer of 2016, at the head of the West Point civil rights history staff ride – a two week trip across the A

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The Trump administration is prepared to lift crippling sanctions on Venezuela in support of a new proposal to form a transitional government requiring both Nicolas Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaidó to step aside in favor of a five-person gove

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Asli U. Bâli and Aziz Rana make the case the U.S. must end the use of sweeping unilateral sanctions against other countries: