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Trump plans to sanction countries for refusing to use dollar - Bloomberg

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Economic aides to former US President Donald Trump are looking for options to stop countries from shifting away from the US dollar as it faces a growing challenge from emerging markets, including BRICS nations, Bloomberg reported on Friday.

The presumptive Republican nominee for the November presidential election and his team are discussing penalties against both allies and adversaries who seek to divert their trade from the greenback to other currencies. The options could include export controls, currency manipulation charges, and tariffs, the outlet said, citing people familiar with the matter.

The global trend toward using national currencies in trade instead of the dollar gained significant momentum after Russia was cut off from the Western financial system and had its foreign reserves frozen in 2022, as part of Ukraine-related sanctions.

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It's something like what I have been telling people for a while, now. The plan is to locate the one-world government in Russia, because US people are simply too stubborn to let it happen here in America. The sanctions that were supposedly against Russia only cause relations between Russia and China and a bunch of other countries to grow. Russia actually grew stronger through the sanctions. With the capability that these other countries have, and with the BRICS ideas for a gold backed crypto, and with China and other countries stocking up on gold - does Trump really understand? Or is he part of the new one-world government? OR is he simply talking, to get more people on his side, and what he does when he takes office again will be something different?