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CNN – that TeeVee show with a smaller audience than Joe Rogan's podcast – had an interesting story (for once) the other day. It was interesting – per usual – chiefly for what was not covered.

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Russell Brand -

As Anthony Fauci is now branded as "false information" by Facebook, in relation to clip that has resurfaced from the past in which he discusses the flu vaccine, we ask, is this really about protecting the world from disinformation?

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Caitlin Johnstone - Substack

YouTube has been deleting videos disputing the US government narrative about Russian war crimes in Bucha, Ukraine, validating concerns we've discussed previously that Silicon Valley platforms would begin censoring anyone who challenges the authorized

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'There was no remorse whatsoever': Student who called out CNN analyst Brian Stelter on his network's disinformation says anchor refused to admit hypocrisy over his Fox News attacks during their private chat

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