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The top of the Wall Street Journal's website states: "Evan Gershkovich: 11 Months Detained." The statement refers to the Journal's reporter who has been incarcerated by Russian authorities on accusations that he engaged in illegal spying on R

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Paul Craig Roberts

As readers know, I am concerned that Putin's tolerance of a too-long-continuing-Ukraine-conflict is encouraging the conflict to spin-out-of-control. I have written about this risk neglected by the Kremlin many times.

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When the Nord Stream pipelines were blown up in September 2022, the media rushed to say that Russia did it. We now know that the Americans did it, attacking their main European ally, Germany, and with it, the whole of Europe.

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

Who benefits from the death of Russian politician Alexei Navalny? Could he have been "pushed" by western intelligence services? Also today: Stung by losses in Ukraine, the EU declares war on...the Houthis! Finally - Pelosi in a time warp.