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Foundring -

The Massively Retarded NPC Armageddon, or the MRNA, has been pushed as a burdensome vax on the population, under the guise of coof transmission reduction. Citizens, hear me out, this could happen to you!

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Adam Savage's Tested -

We unbox and check out Robosen's Optimus Prime robot, which actually transforms between his iconic vehicle and robot modes with voice commands. The auto-converting Optmus Prime impresses Adam and Norm with its stability and range of motion, and we di

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I just blew $125 on a fly swatter. Actually it's the Bug-A-Salt SHRED-ER. Is it stupid expensive? Yes. Is it stupid fun? Yes. I'll unbox and review the new Bug-A-Salt and show you how it works as well as take out a bunch of flies in slo mo.