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Eric Peters Autos

It's really interesting to do a side-by-side comparison of today's trucks and the trucks of yesterday; it lets you see how huge they've become. Have a look, see for yourself!

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Dog and dolphin play an enchanting game of chase through shallow waves at beach

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My Patriot Supply

When it comes to go-to supplies for survival, duct tape is at the top of the list. Yes, duct tape. Let's put it this way--if duct tape is a go-to for MacGyver and the astronauts on Apollo 13, then it is an item you should not pass on.

Article Image, Dotun Akintoye

SOME CAREERS HAVE the good fortune of ending too soon -- they petrify into myth. When Bruce Lee died at 32, on the eve of his first international hit, "Enter the Dragon," whatever he might have become lapsed into what might have been, into the realm