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I put together ten of the most funny commercials that made me laugh and that are also famous, that have written history so to say.

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YouTube.Com - Mark Dice

There's not enough room in the Dictionary any more, so they're removing some words. ???? I was too busy for a regular video today, so here's a throwback to my old Man on the Street videos.

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The Tuhura is a modern-day megayacht that has been inspired by the design of ancient canoes, including the indigenous people of Hawaii, Tonga and Samoa

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The more attractive you are, the more likely you are to be a Republican. You may assume that statement is just a bias writer's opinion. It's not. In fact, it is a conclusion reached in a survey published in the Journal of Public Economics in D

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YouTube trickshot crew Legendary Shots plays with slow-mo and water balloons.

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This waterproof and reusable notebook for children has eight blank pages, including two with dot-grids and two with lines. With dry-erase markers, your kids can make creations that you don't have to, um, keep.