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China has laid out what it says is its most authoritative statement on the Ukraine war, after recent weeks have seen state officials and media pundits assert positions which marked varying degrees of justifying the Russian invasion, and condemning NA

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Malcolm Riddell was a CIA case officer in China Operations, the part of the CIA that recruits Chinese officials to pass secrets to the U.S. After he left the Agency, he started a China-focused boutique investment bank that negotiates Sino-foreign joi

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China's vulnerability to a heavy private-debt load and the collapsing real-estate market increase the risk that the PBOC allows the yuan to weaken further, or that the fixed exchange-rate system with the dollar is dropped altogether.

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At least 65 people are dead after a 6.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the province of Sichuan. This comes as 21 million people in Chengdu are confined to their homes as China has placed yet another city on a strict lockdown to adhere to its zero COVID