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It is perhaps reasonable to make the argument that the federal government's regulation of vehicle exhaust emissions is legitimate. Up to the point after which the regulations cross over into unreasonableness.

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The Government™ has made an ad about the existential threat that AI poses to humanity, and it's surprisingly honest and informative

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These so-called international relations theorists drew on ancient thinkers and history to predict behaviour that goes with a particular type of international system. Based on Thucydides' account, the Peloponnesian War between Sparta and Athens (431


I truly could not care less who wins the US election; in my mind Dementia Meat Puppet and Reality TV Oligarch are both perfectly suitable symbols to represent the US empire. And that's all a US president is: a symbolic representative with no real p

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Picture a couple of piranhas in a fishbowl, cheek to cheek. Each eyeing the other for signs of weakness that, when seen, leads quickly to the one piranha consuming the other.

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I feel like Diogenes, the Ancient Greek who walked about sunny Athens with a lamp looking for an honest man.

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Quick objection to socialism. Just as some students thrive in group projects and others don't, some workers thrive in cooperatives and others don't. So we shouldn't insist that every workplace be collectivized in some way;

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I only read the Communist Manifesto last year. I was trying to understand how the Chinese planners think about economics, and I found it extremely illuminating.

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By James Howard Kunstler

"Leftism might actually be noble if their concern for the marginalized wasn't simply an incidental externality to their seething hatred of the normal and the good." --David Pivtorak on "X"