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Privacy Rights

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In January, academic-turned-regulator Lorrie Cranor gave a presentation and provided the closing remarks at PrivacyCon, a Federal Trade Commission event intended to "inform policymaking with research," as she put it.

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You will have to read this complete story to see the perverseness of what Facebook has done to undermine essential privacy firewalls. We have stated many time that Technocrats do stuff simply because they can, not because it is right or necessary.

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FBI Director James Comey warned again Tuesday about the bureau's inability to access digital devices because of encryption and said investigators were collecting information about the challenge in preparation for an "adult conversation" next ye

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We are losing our privacy forever. Most people just don't care. We can see this with the free upgrade to Windows 10. It went on for a year. It was difficult not to accept the upgrade. You had to take steps to avoid it or the promotion. I sent out