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Privacy Rights

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Technocrats are addicted to data and currently there are almost no regulations preventing law enforcement from using police-state tools. Where is Congress in all this? Apparently, sound asleep. ? TN Editor

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Cryptography has changed the world over the past few decades. Without it there would be no Internet commerce, no VPNs, or Tor, or Bitcoin, or Wikileaks, or the Snowden revelations, or BitTorrent. But however impressive the results, it's the power o

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How one mother's determination to gain access to her late husband's digital photos to show their daughter how much he loved her resulted in a tortuous three-year legal battle with the tech giant

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Ron Paul Institute - Ron Paul

Last week the New York Times published some of President Trump's 1980s and 1990s tax returns information. The information detailed President Trump's financial difficulties during that time. While you would not know it from reading some media repo

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The great majority of citizens do not trust the Internet of Things for two big reasons: lack of security and data privacy. Technocrats won't correct this without legally mandated legislation. ? TN Editor

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(Bloomberg) -- Tens of millions of people use smart speakers and their voice software to play games, find music or trawl for trivia. Millions more are reluctant to invite the devices and their powerful microphones into their homes out of concern that

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The world has become totally digitized over the last couple of decades. Thanks to the Internet of Things [IoT], there are sensors everywhere. They're not just on every street and in every store. They're in your television, your car, your refriger

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The Horn News

Facebook left hundreds of millions of user passwords readable by its employees for years, the company acknowledged Thursday after a security researcher exposed the lapse .

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You are normally obligated to show your driver's license upon request by police. However, if your license is digital on your smart phone, your entire phone may be searched without a warrant, breaching your 4th Amendment protections. ? TN Editor

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Ivan on Tech - YouTube.Com

Coinbase executive accidentally leaked the fact that Coinbase data was sold by their third-party provider. Is this the real reason for Neutrino acquisition?! Toney Vays even came out and questioned whether the lives of Bitcoin early adopters might be