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Article about Dr Sybil Francis (changemaker, policy maker, with diverse experiences and global insights) in Paradise Valley City Lifestyle magazine for Nov 2023. Sybil is married to "Michael Crow, a former agent [of the CIA], is now president of Ariz

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The Highwire - Del Bigtree - Rumble

LIVE from Phoenix, Arizona, the Novel Coronavirus Southwestern Intergovernmental Committee hears testimony from experts including ICAN Lead Attorney, Aaron Siri, Esq., Internist, Cardiologist, and widely published COVID expert, Peter McCullough, MD,

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Kari Lake's announcement that she'll decide by the end of the year whether she's running for Senate in Arizona adds to growing signals that the Grand Canyon State is headed toward a contentious, high-stakes race for Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's (I)