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Central Intelligence Agency

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Article Image, by Jacob G. Hornberger

World War I is the gift that just keeps on giving. Although the U.S. government's intervention into this senseless, immoral, and destructive war occurred 100 years ago, the adverse effects of the war continue to besiege our nation.

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In light of President Trump's missile strike on Syria, Reason has put together a quick refresher on a few of our many questionable interventions in the Middle East.

Article Image,By Jacob G. Hornberger

As far as I know, no evidence has yet surfaced that definitively establishes direct CIA involvement in the U.S. regime-change operation in Venezuela. But it is a virtual certainty that the CIA is directly embroiled in the operation.

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Justin's note: As you know, we don't shy away from controversy or "politically incorrect" opinions here at Casey Research. We've been telling you what you need to hear - the stuff not covered in the mainstream media - so you can prep

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By Wayne Madsen Strategic Culture

Under the directorship of torture and black site maven Gina Haspel, Donald Trump's Central Intelligence Agency has returned to its traditional roots of conducting "black bag" operations and disrupting electrical grids through cyber-attacks.

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