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This week on the New World Next Week: Peachtree Corners' Curiosity Lab leads the way into the Brave New World Order; the CIA is investing in holograms, AR and the metaverse; and BTS visits the White House as the political show biz reality merges.

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We should call the Ukraine conflict Covid-22, because the same propagandists that created the phony Covid-19 narrative have now created the phony Ukraine narrative.

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My late Friday night involved hitting refresh on PACER every so often, incurring the $0.10 charge for each search result as I waited on Special Counsel John Durham's latest filing in the Michael Sussman case. (Exciting, I know.)

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Donald Trump, who was heavily indebted to the Rothschilds, was groomed decades ago to serve as President of the United States to preside over the transfer of power from the Rothschilds back to the Crown while protecting the interests of the world's

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CIA paramilitaries had been training Ukrainian forces on the frontlines of the Donbas war against Russian-backed separatists since 2014 and were only pulled out by the Biden administration last month, Yahoo News reported on Wednesday, citing former U

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The Washington Post has always been a CIA asset. The CIA used the Washington Post to orchestrate the Watergate narrative used to drive President Nixon out of office.

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While the CIA's and the Pentagon's assets within the U.S. mainstream press continue to portray Russia as the aggressor in the Ukraine matter, they continue to ignore, or, even worse, support, the U.S. government's evil actions against Cuba for