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While the collapse of public trust in the mainstream media is nothing new, with Forbes recently reporting that "Fewer Americans than ever before trust the mainstream media", it is only a much more recent phenomenon that members of the media's highest

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Throughout the long, documented history of the United States illegally overthrowing governments of foreign lands to build a global empire there has emerged three ways Washington broadly carries out "regime change."

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One of the worst consequences of converting the federal government to a national security state has been the stultification or warping of the consciences of the American people.

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In my blog post yesterday entitled "Mainstream Press Silence on the JFK Deadline, I took the mainstream media to task for remaining steadfastly silent about the upcoming October 26 deadline for the release of the CIA's long-secret JFK assassinati

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My longtime colleague at CIA, Mel Goodman, has written an instructive article about our decades-ago co-worker Robert Gates, whom Mel labels the "Poster Child for Bureaucratic Deceit." Sadly, I can vouch for the correctness of Mel's findings.