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Kelley Blue Book reports that the average price of a new car in the USA is $47,077 which is higher than the $45,000 price of a base Tesla Model 3. In California the Tesla Model 3 gets about $5750 in incentive discounts.

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Nikola Motor Company

"One year...12 months...from raw steel to this. That's start-up speed. That's Nikola speed. That's how fast we're gonna change the world." There is nothing sweeter than making dreams happen. Watch as the Nikola team comes together for the

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It's not often that you see specialized vehicles that once belonged to the FBI pop up at a government auction, but if you're interested and have the money to spare you can put in a bid right now on a custom 27-ton command vehicle that the Bureau has

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Company plans to operate a shuttle train on the existing track and build a station to help employees get to work and back home. Tesla is still awaiting final approval to start production of Model Y customer cars at its plant near Berlin, Germany, bu