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China: Magna's JV Starts Production Of eDrives For Volkswagen's MEB

•, By: Mark Kane

Specifically, Magna produces eDrive units for the Volkswagen ID.4 electric crossover, but it actually could be used in other MEB models from the Volkswagen Group as well.

Magna's secondary eDrive is envisioned for the front axle. It integrates an induction motor (80 kW), a single-speed gearbox and a high-voltage inverter, as well as the corresponding software and controls.

The front drive unit is used only in the dual motor, all-wheel drive configurations, as the primary drive unit - a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor - is in the rear (often 150 kW for a total system output of 220 kW).

The permanent magnet motors are produced in-house by Volkswagen Group Components in the Kassel plant in Germany (some components come from other plants). See interesting report about Volkswagen's rear electric motor here.

A high volume production of front drive units indicates that Volkswagen will produce and sell a high volume of AWD electric cars.

"HME is the global supplier of secondary eDrives for Volkswagen's all-wheel drive MEB models with power greater than 185kW. The highly integrated eDrive system is specifically optimized for secondary eDrives for electrified vehicles. The system was designed using Magna's fully integrated, modular and scalable building block approach, resulting in a cost-efficient and highly advanced product that meets the various demands for global application. It is one of many eDrive products in Magna's portfolio that covers power ranges up to 250 kW for all vehicle types."