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Just as we saw with hydroxychloroquine last summer, government alphabet agencies, the medical industrial complex, and their willing accomplices in the media have recently made it clear that there is yet another safe, effective treatment for COVID-19

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USA Watchdog

Karen Kingston is a top pharmaceutical analyst who has researched and written about many cutting edge drugs. She has been ostracized and attacked by Big Pharma because she is speaking out about the great harm being done by the so-called CV19 vaccine

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First of all, if you live in a place where politicians and experts have, after 20 months into Covid, still not propagated and executed policies aimed at prophylaxis (prevention) and early treatment, get rid of these people ASAP or move away to an are

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Tucson, Arizona is only 65 miles from the Mexican border and is a major distribution center for illicit drugs from Mexico. Trump constructed 245 miles of wall along the Arizona-Mexico border, cutting off major access points. Large sections of that wa