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Why freeze-drying is the best food preservation method

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If you want to freeze-dry food at home, you will need special equipment.

To save time and money, you can build your survival stockpile by purchasing lab-verified and organic freeze-dried fruits and vegetables from trusted manufacturers.

Benefits of freeze-drying food

Astronauts, campers, backpackers, food manufacturers and the military use a variety of freeze-dried foods.

As a prepper, you can also buy freeze-dried foods for home use or your survival stockpile. Additionally, you can also buy entire meals in freeze-dried form.

Note that almost all foods can be freeze-dried.

Here are some of the prepping and survival benefits of freeze-dried food:

Food becomes lighter once the water is removed after freeze-drying. This means freeze-dried items are portable, which is ideal if you plan on moving or bringing large amounts of food when you are bugging out after SHTF.

Freeze-dried foods usually retain most of their nutritional quality, taste, shape and size. This ensures that you can feed your family nutritious meals even when dealing with a long-term survival scenario.

Freeze-dried foods do not require refrigeration, and they can last for months or years in your survival stockpile.

Unlike dehydrated foods, you can quickly rehydrate freeze-dried foods.

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Remember to get your foods from a good source. Freeze-drying doesn't remove pesticides and herbicides and other poisons that might have been sprayed onto the food while it was growing. All you are doing is taking these poisons right along with yourself into the future, if you freeze-dry them right in.