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Big Ag, Big Pharma Are Going Down

• - Elizabeth Nickson

It is arguable that the environmental movement, funded largely by WEFers, is meant to distract from the systematic poisoning of our food and water. Putting aside geo-engineering, which few who farm do, the manipulated science that accompanied Covid flared suspicion about every Big Pharma product. And Big Pharma and Big Ag are married. Covid and the vaccine changed everything and everybody, even those who profited from it egregiously like the upper .01 percent. Naomi Wolf recently visited the denizens of the Upper East Side to find the former Masters of the Universe now feeling shame, going grey, wearing sweatpants, and confessing their injuries.

Recently, MIT invited Steve Kirsch to speak to undergraduates about the dangers of the Covid vaccine, a remarkable turnaround. Out in the wilder, wider world, throughout the early 2020s, a shift to rural areas took place. Many left the developed world to move to a freer (for them) developing nation. The principal driver on the right was suspicion of Covid, the vaccine, and the sudden authoritarianism shown by government. But the pandemic's "science" and propaganda was so egregious, so absurd, that suspicions rose across the political spectrum about the the food we eat, the water we drink, and the pharma products we take. Even childhood vaccines are now showing a diminished uptake.

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