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SELF-INFLICTED CELL DISORDER: The real reason 270 million Americans chose to make...

•, S.D. Wells

Have you heard of self-inflicted Sheeple disease? Most likely not, because the CDC, WHO and the medical industrial complex keeps it quiet, like when the Holocaust started. The main difference between the Hitler gas-chamber Holocaust and the Covid Jab Holocaust is that people are voluntarily lining up for the slow fix, rolling up their own sleeve for some self-inflicted cell disorder, and it has really only just begun.

Just after WWII, many of the globalists and elitists who were not Hitler's cohorts, were impressed by the speed at which he was able to rise to power, use genocide to eliminate those who opposed him and propaganda to brainwash everyone else.

Why do so many Americans voluntarily "walk into the gas chambers" of Big Pharma?

Hitler's main goal was to wipe out anyone who wouldn't support his military takeover of the world, which included killing off anyone and everyone who was handicapped, autistic, mentally challenged, black, Jewish or of senior citizen age. He used very overt ways of murdering these masses, either by two bullets to the back of the head, or the forever "shower" that locked you in a room that filled with pesticide gas. Then he simply burned and buried the bodies, and moved from nation to nation destroying peoples, with his Big Pharma right arm known in short as I.G. Farben. Sound familiar?

Today, the USA invades other countries (under the guise of maintaining peace and democracy), injects the masses with toxins and gives them pills, toxic food and adulterated water to help kill them slowly (while keeping them as taxpayer slaves as long as possible). Still, this is not happening quick enough for the communist insurgents, a.k.a. the Biden Regime, who now occupies Washington DC and controls the U.S. military. These communists and atheists needed a grim reaper to silently wipe out the middle class, the autistic kids, the senior citizens and anyone else that opposes the autocracy.

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