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Ukrainian Authorities Were Paid to Test Big Pharma Drugs on Human Subjects in Psyche Wards...

•, Lance D Johnson

The rule of law has been collapsing in Ukraine for several years, long before the country's leaders could blame all their problems on Russia. The corruption in Ukraine runs deep. According to documents obtained by construction crews in Mariupol, several well-known pharmaceutical companies have been experimenting on humans for over a decade in the psyche ward there.

With corruption rising throughout its institutions, Ukrainian authorities have seized an opportunity to use mental health patients as guinea pigs for highly profitable drugs. The experiments allegedly took place from 2008 to 2016 in the psychiatric ward of Mariupol Hospital Number Seven in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine.

Unethical experiments on mental health patients including over 700 adults and children

William Jones, a former White House correspondent for Executive Intelligence Review, recently obtained documents that detail medical experiments that have taken place in Ukraine for several years. These Big Pharma drug experiments are taking place in psyche wards in Mariupol with the support of local Ukrainian authorities. The experimental subjects include over 700 people, including both adults and children.

One of the drugs being used in these experiments is known as SB4. The experiments aim at developing highly profitable drugs to treat rheumatoid arthritis; however, SB4 is also known for causing several types of cancer. Mental health patients are apparently viewed as expendable. Ukrainian health officials do not care if these patients received informed consent or had someone advocating on their behalf. Ukrainian officials do not care if these people are unaware of what is happening to their bodies or if they developed cancers from these unethical drug trials.