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Thomas Renz drops bombshell on Brighteon TV about Trump campaign manager Susie Wiles...

•, by: Ethan Huff

You may be wondering why Donald Trump continues to endorse RINOs (Republicans in name only) who time and time again stab him in the back. Well, it could be because of his campaign manager Susie Wiles, who Lawfare attorney Thomas Renz warned on his Brighteon TV program is a deep state, pharmaceutical industry hack.

Since Trump is very busy campaigning right now, not to mention dealing with a litany of legal troubles, he relies on others, Renz says, to vet the politicians he endorses at his rallies. The problem is that many of these politicians seemingly hate Trump, and yet he endorses them anyway.

According to Renz, Trump is probably dealing with a fox in the henhouse type of situation with Wiles who may not have his best interests at heart. And it is up to We the People, Renz maintains, to keep an eye out for who surrounds Trump.

"Donald Trump doesn't take the time to get to know every single person he endorses," Renz said on a recent episode of his show, which you can watch below. "He's got races all over the country and it's not like he's going to spend hours and hours with every single person he endorses – that's not possible."

Are Trump's people aligned with America First?

While Trump does get to know some of the higher-up politicians he endorses, the ones who are lower on the totem pole tend to slip by him. As such, Trump may inadvertently be aligning himself with America Last folks rather than those who are America First like he claims to be.

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