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Part 2 -- Terrifying Technofascist Acts Against Health Freedom

•, By Maryam Henein

Prior to the P$andemic, many of us began getting censored for simply engaging in an educated conversation about vaccines. The ironic thing is that pro-vaxxers are usually ill-informed, brainwashed, or scientifically illiterate. Scientism is not science.

"It's really scary what is happening," says one health influencer who wished not to be named. So many are being shut out of Google, and now Vimeo is rejecting [anti] vaccine content. Mailchimp is shutting down accounts and keeping the lists of people who email about anti-vaccine. The lengths they go."

In early July 2019, Vimeo announced that it would no longer publish sites critical of vaccines or that question vaccine safety. Here's more about vaccine censorship.

Facebook, whose committee members include former Big Pharma employees, also censored legitimate scientific inquiry and debate regarding vaccine safety.

The "V" word was arguably a linchpin, the Great Divider.

Big Pharma's tentacles—full of suction and sway—was beginning to extend to Big Tech to prohibit the sharing of (health) information. Google, for instance, has a clear agenda that serves pharmaceuticals, and its success is now directly built into its search algorithms.

In a recent episode, podcast host Joe Rogan told Jesus Hotep that social media platforms "want you to tow a line."

Back in the good ole' days, organic search results closely matched the user's search query. The algorithm was based on relevance and popularity unless you paid Google extra to get listed on top as an obvious ad—just like you need to fork over more money if you want a beloved's crypt to be stored at eye level in a mausoleum.