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The Do's and Don'ts – Foods Not To Use Oxygen Absorbers With

• by Mike Roth

Understanding the limitations of using an oxygen absorber is a must-have skill for anyone serious about food storage and safety. Misusing them could lead to spoiled food, wasted resources, and even health risks like food poisoning. So, let's delve into the mystery of oxygen absorbers and discover which foods not to use oxygen absorbers with.

What Exactly Are Oxygen Absorbers?

The Oxygen absorber will play a crucial role in prolonging the shelf life of food and preserving its quality. They are typically small packets or sachets that contain iron powder, salt, or activated carbon. When included in food packaging, these absorbers actively remove the oxygen present in the package, creating an anaerobic environment.

The science behind oxygen absorbers is rooted in a chemical reaction known as oxidation. The primary component within oxygen absorbers is iron powder. Oxygen molecules in the packaging environment react with the iron to form iron oxide. This reaction creates a vacuum-like effect, depleting oxygen levels within the package.

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