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The Importance of Silence After the SHTF

• Organic Prepper - J G Martinez

Imagine the following scenario: an economic collapse has forced thousands of people outside of the cities throughout most of the world. Thousands of people without survival or tradable skills plague the countryside, and the number of gunfights one can hear about from their front porch is increasing. Those farms closer to the cities and main roads are forced to institute a 24/7 watch. Special taxes and ammunition scarcity add fuel to the fire.

Where you live is isolated, however, and there is nothing to be afraid of.

At least, so you think.

Getting in your diesel pickup, you drive a few minutes up to the place where the recent storm knocked down some old trees. They will be a good firewood source.

You start to cut the trees with the gasoline chainsaw. The chainsaw can get pretty loud, and to protect your ears, you're wearing hearing protection. You don't realize that three creepy-looking guys have surrounded you. One of them is halfway between you and your truck, where the shotgun is. The lookouts in the compound spotted them from a distance and tried to warn you some guys were roaming around, but the mobile radio was inside the truck, too, and the chainsaw noise masked the call.

It's a nightmarish scenario. Don't get caught in one of these.

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