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7 Ways To Stop The Matrix Control System From Enslaving You

• Activist Post

By Paul A. Philips

The matrix control system acts like a disease masquerading as a cure, sneakily giving the illusion of democracy. The undermining of our democratic processes continue: Brutal tyrannical laws; ordinances, rules and oppressive restrictions have further ramped up, tightening the controlling noose on what we're not allowed to do and say.

Then there's the highly encroaching technocratic mass surveillance operations, petty police intimidations and reprisals that could lead to imprisonment, or threats of getting heavily fined, planned 15-minute prison cities, raging unfair taxes and out-of-control money-draining manufactured inflation… etc., etc… These attacks on our freedom are designed to sap the life-force energy out of we-the-people as the perpetrator globalatarians get richer…

The resulting inevitable societal collapse has long happened. However, because the related traditional societies and societal values have eroded away so slowly, many people with their unchallenging complacency, having been conditioned through social engineering, are yet to wake up and realize just how un-free they really are.