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Obedience is a killer: 91% of Biden voters took the DEATH jab…

• Natural News - Mike Adams

(Natural News) A new poll from The Economist and covered by Breitbart News has found that the vast majority of both Biden and Trump voters were easily tricked into taking a suicide shot falsely labeled the "covid-19 vaccine."

According to the poll, 91% of Biden voters took at least one of the jabs, most likely because those who support Biden are obedient, oblivious NPCs who blindly trust government and corporations with their lives, even when those governments and corporations are quite literally trying to exterminate them.

Orange Man Bad, but Orange Man's vaccine GOOD…

Interestingly, 66% of Trump voters also took the jabs, no doubt stemming from the fact that Trump fraudulently promoted the vaccines as safe and effective after launching Operation Warp Speed to rush untested, unsafe vaccines into widespread adoption.

See the results of the survey here (PDF). (Go to page 67 for vaccine results.)

The upshot of this survey? Both Biden and Trump supporters are remarkably gullible when it comes to vaccines, with Biden supporters proving to be far more gullible than Trump supporters.

The lesson here? Just because your "leader" tells you to go jump off a cliff doesn't mean you should do it.

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