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While the claim is quite outlandish, it's not really that far off. Of course a LARGE percentage of the COVID fake "vaccines" were just saline water and others didn't actually contain the mRNA claimed.

It would have been far too obvious for 50% of the world to suddenly start dying. Still, tens of millions of people took the actual mRNA injections and if they missed it the first or second time, if they've had 4 or 5 shots, it's unlikely they totally avoided it. We are seeing countless studies showing mass deaths of men, women and children and it cannot be ignored.

We've been trying to warn people from the very beginning about this mass die off to come. Every year, more people are dying than the last despite less people getting injected each year.

With that said, of those death, it's mostly only among the vaccinated. Astra Zeneca has admitted their injections cause heart defects. Moderna has acknowledged that their injections cause cancer. Pfizer was just caught red-handed covering up cancer data which pairs with the same SV-40 in Moderna's mRNA death shots.

As we've been reporting for years, the first example of so-called "SARS-CoV-2" was from a DARPA document in 2018 to Anthony Fauci. In the document, they call SARS-CoV-2 a "vaccine induced illness." It's always been the vaccines. There was never a "COVID virus."

People can throw conjecture to the wind as much as they want. Show an isolate. You can't. The jabs are causing a massive swath of death. Arizona's GOP has just labeled covid shots a "bioweapon." Despite all of this, major organizations are still calling on children and pregnant women to be injected with these mass murder shots.

There's a war on and it's not against left or right, it's not racial. It's a war on humanity itself. Fight back.

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