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The Coming Second Wave Will Not Be a Virus, It Will Be Starvation...

•, Dave Hodges

However, this lockdown will consist of widespread brutality. The enforcement will be a global version of the Gestapo. I maintain that the brutality we are seeing in Australia, is the dry run rehearsal for what is beginning to happen globally. We are already seeing it in Ohio, where Chris Smith, a man weighing an estimated 300 pounds, pummels and uses his taser on a 100 lb woman for not wearning a face mask. A woman, who was socially distanced and had asthma which qualified her as exempt under the face mask rule. The brutality of Chris Smith was shocking to America and by the way, this bully was not wearing a mask!!!

Now that LEO is becoming increasingly brutal, the stage is set for a second wave of another false flag which will lockdown humanity. Only this time, this coming wave will not be a virus but a contrived food shortage.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Widespread police behavior like this hasn't been happening, even though it happens on small-scale all the time. So people don't know what to do. Here's what to do. Invoice government people for damage payments. Don't make the invoice amount small. When they don't pay, take them to court on it. Wen they say, "But, but, but. Not wearing a mask is dangerous." Get the court to watch the first 5 minutes of this video - If everybody did this, governors would be releasing the people from lockdowns, etc. - and other regulations - faster than you can blink.