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By Andrew P. Napolitano

When President George W. Bush formulated the concept of an American Devil's Island in Cuba, he did so heedless of the damage to the Constitution his experiment in torture and confinement without end would bring about.

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In Donald Trump's remarks at Bedminster, NJ following his arraignment in Miami on Tuesday, he addressed the 800-pound gorilla in the room and he articulated something very important to all of us.

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Ron Paul Institute - Philip Giraldi

Quite likely a majority of Americans would agree that it is wrong for the government or police to torture someone, though some would surely accept the "ticking time bomb" exemption, where a detainee is withholding information that could save many


Uighur Muslim incarcerated for three years at a 're-education' jail relives chilling ordeal as Prisoner No 9 and how she was cruelly tricked by captors into having a vaccine that left her sterile