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The Byzantine Empire Wasn't Byzantine at All, It Was Christian Roman, And It Thrived Over 1000 Y

•, Gregory Heers

Livy, the Roman historian that lived around the time of Christ, wrote, 'I do honestly believe that no country has ever been greater or purer than ours, or richer in good citizens and noble deeds' (Early History 30). It is therefore lamentable that in the common mind this most glorious empire should be endowed with an end so ignoble and unworthy of mention.

According to any typical history-book, the Roman Empire ended by being divided into two halves: the Western Roman Empire was weakened internally and overrun by barbarian tribes, while the Eastern Empire was somehow transfigured into the 'Byzantine Empire' through a gradual process and, although it 'survived for another thousand years', apparently deserves no further attention.