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See inside the Titanic like NEVER before:


It's the most famous ship in history, sank by an iceberg on its first and only voyage across the ocean. 

But the scale and the glory of RMS Titanic can be admired once more, thanks to a detailed digital cross section of the stunning luxury liner. 

Posted to YouTube by US animator Jared Owen, it shows Titanic from every angle, exactly as it appeared just before it set sail from Southampton 112 years ago. 

The video may prove helpful to Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, who has promised to recreate the famous ship at an estimated cost of £1 billion. 

'Titanic II', to be ready by 2027, will closely mimic the original ship's specifications, while including modern 21st navigation and safety systems. 

Owen – who has a YouTube channel of 3D animations showing how things work – describes the Titanic as 'still the most famous ship in history'. 

'When they finished building the Titanic, it was the largest ship in the world,' he says in the video. 

'The ship was designed and built over 100 years ago – that means no computers, no 3D design software. 

'This was all designed by hand; to me that's incredible engineering and craftmanship.'

Owen relied on numerous sources, including National Geographic, the Encyclopedia Titanica reference site and the Titanic edition of the Haynes Manual book series.

He then used Blender, an open-source 3D content-creation programme, to recreate Titanic in digital form. 

His video takes a look at all 10 of Titanic's decks, including the boat deck at the very top, which housed most of the ship's lifeboats.