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Discrimination Is Good: Without It Civilization Would Collapse

•, By Brandon Smith

Multiple generations of westerners have been conditioned over the years to treat discrimination as an anathema to civilization – A net negative. But is all discrimination "unjust," or is it sometimes necessary to keep civilization safe and intact?

Every person on Earth discriminates in one way or another because it's a survival imperative, but let me clarify what I mean when I use the term. I argue that discrimination is simply the act of refusing to associate with another person or group, and this is often NOT based merely on skin color or differences in appearance. In reality, most discrimination is rooted in personal safety and cultural security.

Human beings are tribal, there's no way around this biological imperative and it will never change. Tribalism is based on physical safety, but also ideological safety. Human beings form tribes and kingdoms and nations and borders because they have a particular set of values, religious beliefs and cultural norms that they want to maintain and protect. They have found a system that works for them and that keeps their society from imploding, and they want to ensure that there is no sabotage of that system from within.

Hence, the need for suspicion and discrimination when a tribe is faced with outsiders that champion a hostile or contrary ideal. The threat of being subsumed and destroyed by another tribe's culture has been a motivator for discrimination since human history began.

Another factor is the discrimination of certain behaviors. Human tribes learned long ago that destructive people are sometimes born and no amount of social pressure can make them different. Psychopaths, some sociopaths, narcopaths, the severely mentally ill, etc. cannot be allowed to thrive within a tribe or they will eventually cause great harm. The tribe could even break apart and die out.

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