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Why Islam Will Likely Win Its Forever War Against the West

•, By Doug Casey

Here's the bottom line: the conflict between Islam and the West amounts to a Forever War, a concept from Joe Haldeman's sci-fi novel of the same name. And the Mohammedan's are likely to win its next stage.

The Forever War got underway in the early 7th century and has ebbed and flowed since then. It's now heating up again, as evidenced by the fact that most recent wars and terrorist activities center around places like Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Lebanon, Bosnia, Sudan, and Afghanistan, and organizations with names like Hamas, Black September, and Al-Qaeda.

Why is that? Muslims see their lands and culture as having been under constant attack since the Crusades. The romantic image of knights in armor battling to free the Holy Land from the infidel is reversed in their eyes. They see hordes of European barbarians having invaded their homeland on a pretext, intent on rape, murder, and wholesale looting.

Over the last two centuries, European and now American armies have run roughshod over every Muslim country. The Musselmen don't like it any more than Americans would if the Houthis were bombing New York and had a "no-fly" zone set up over Alabama to protect a black separatist movement.

Their personal foibles aside, Saddam Hussein and Moammar Khadafi are viewed as heroes by most Muslims for having fought against the Crusaders despite enormous odds.

Islam is probably the world's largest religion, with 2 billion adherents, certainly, if you consider the number of real, as opposed to just nominal believers. It's also the world's fastest-growing. It completely dominates a huge part of the world with lots of poor people, little capital, little freedom, and uniformly repressive governments. To what degree is that the fault of Islam? I'd say to a large degree. But if that's the case, how can the Mohammedans possibly win the Forever War? I'm going to show why they likely will.