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Article Image Radio/TV • Chemtrails Host:

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Stephen Lendman (Progressive businessman, writer) on 'Fake News', endless wars, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc... - Chris Haskell (Director; Videographer at Haskellfilmz) talks about being Tucson's Independent Media Outlet; talks about the 'terrorist charg

Article Image News Link • Global, Written By: Kevin Loria

Speculative chemtrail theories have abounded for years because people are either too lazy or too ill-equipped to do the proper research into the real roots of atmospheric tampering, namely, scientific geo-engineering. The real story behind geo-engine

Article Image Radio/TV • Chemtrails Host:

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Matt Landman (Frankenskies) left the corporate world to become an organic farmer where he began noticing weather issues; talks about geoengineering - Michael Louis on building natural structures, permaculture, your crypto trading and teaching platfor

Article Image News Link • Global, By Claire Bernis

Officially kicking rumors of 'chemtrails' into overdrive, Harvard scientists announced the launch of a $20 million geoengineering program, set to kick off mere weeks from now -- the first such project this comprehensive in scope -- in a bid to

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