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IBM 53 Qubit Cloud Accessible Quantum Computer and Nextbigfuture Interviews Bob Sutor...

•, by Brian Wang

Today, IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced the opening of the IBM Quantum Computation Center in New York State. The new center expands the world's largest fleet of commercial quantum systems existing beyond the confines of experimental lab environments. This includes five 20-qubit systems with a Quantum Volume of 16 – a measure of the power of a quantum computer – demonstrating a new milestone in quality and reproducibility. Within one month, IBM's commercially available quantum fleet will grow to 14 systems, including a new 53-qubit quantum computer, the single largest universal quantum system made available for external access in the industry, to date.

IBM new quantum systems will start at the same Quantum Volume as its previous cloud quantum system. The new 53-qubit quantum computer will have its Quantum Volume increased as more refinements and testing is made over the next few months.

IBM is making various software available at Qiskit.

Question – What is the future vision of Quantum solutions?

The quantum software and hybrid solutions that IBM is creating will become a development and solution stack. They already offer libraries of quantum algorithms and application-specific code.