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Doug Casey's REAL State of the Union – The 6th Amendment

• by Doug Casey

Doug: I'm in Cafayate, Argentina. I've just finished pumping iron for an hour in a world class gym, had a spectacular hour-long massage for $20, took a steam bath, and then lay in the sun for an hour. I feel as if I've been transported back to ancient Rome. So things look good from here….

Joel: Sounds like good, clean living. I look forward to visiting sometime soon. In the meantime, shall we continue with our REAL State of the Union dialogue?

Doug: Let's get to it. I believe we're up to the 6th Amendment…

Joel: Indeed we are. Just to bring readers up to speed, we've been discussing present day America and comparing it to the ideals enumerated by the Founding Fathers in their Bill of Rights document. Readers who missed an installment can catch up here: