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Stop Electing Leaders and Start Leading

•, By James Anthony

Mike Johnson and Mitch McConnell are treated as the leaders, respectively, of the current house and of the current senate's swing votes.

Johnson, on November 14, 2023, led 99% of Democrats and 58% of Republicans to pass a two-tiered temporary continuing resolution that continued the past and present congresses' massive current spending spreeMcConnell always supported such spending. Such collusion from the only potential opposition makes such Republican Progressives the root cause of inflation.

To limit governments, we can't just replace these Progressives, we must replace their process. The key power of the people who lead legislatures is their process power to control the agenda.

Making Governments Unlimited

Constitutionally, executives give legislatures information on the states of their governmentsrecommend measures, and on extraordinary occasions convene either legislative house or both houses. USA vice presidents are the presidents of their senates. Absent these express powers and duties, executives would still execute laws, which would still leave chief executives equipped with superior information and superior organizations, all empowering a single official.

Progressive executives use their positions' powers to try as fully as possible to make the governments in every jurisdiction unlimited. If an executive is even a little less Progressive than the legislators are, then Progressive legislators work to choose and empower their own more-Progressive leaders.

Progressives in legislatures don't use their main power, which is to pass limited rules and sanctions. Instead, they delegate the rulemaking to administrators, then mainly spend their time grabbing executive power. Progressive legislators claim they have executive power to organize departments and agencies, allocate budgets by line itemdictate appointments, prevent layoffs, and limit firings. They executively investigate in oversight hearings, while never using impeachment constitutionally to withdraw officials' privileges from further depriving people of rights.